Sewing Kit in a Jar

March 10, 2020, noon

These basic sewing kits are very handy to keep in your home for quick fixes.  They make great gifts too!

Supplies you will need:

Clean quart-size jar with flat and ring lid
Any fabric
Glue gun
Protractor (or something to help you draw a circle)
Sewing supplies – needles, pins, thread, small scissors, buttons, needle threaders, thimbles, etc.

Take the lid – both parts – off the jar.
Set the protractor to 1 inch wider than the flat jar lid.
Take a piece of fabric and turn it pattern-side down onto a surface.
Trace a circle on the fabric with the protractor.
Cut out the circle.
Lay the fabric pattern-side down onto a surface. Put a bit of stuffing in the middle of the fabric. Then place the flat lid silver-side down onto the stuffing.
Place a line of hot glue along the red outer rim of the jar lid and start to fold the fabric over the glue, bunching as you go.
Apply hot glue to the inside rim of the ring lid. Press the fabric-covered lid into the ring to form a pin cushion.
Put sewing notions in jar and screw on the lid. Put pins in the pin cushion.