Homemade Simmer Pots

Nov. 8, 2023, noon

This idea came from the YouTube channel of Mother Thyme. These will make fabulous gifts for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.

What you need per jar-

Fresh cranberries
Cinnamon sticks
Ground allspice
Ground cloves
Mulling spices
16 oz. mason jar
Add cranberries to a small pot. Add water and bring to a boil on the stovetop until the skins of the cranberries begin to pop. Drain, rinse and pat gently pat the cranberries dry.
Slice apples, oranges, pat dry and add to a large baking sheet in a single layer.
Add cranberries and rosemary sprigs.
Bake in a 200 degree oven, flipping every 30 minutes until fruit is dried, about 4 hours depending on the thickness of fruit. Rosemary will only need about 45 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Sprinkle some mulling spices in the bottom of mason jar.
Add add dried fruit and cinnamon sticks.
Top with dried rosemary, sprinkle more mulling spices on top and add a dash of allspice and cloves.
Add lid and decorate jar as you like.