Self Massage

Jan. 22, 2019, 2:39 p.m.

Massage helps reduce muscle tension and stiffness in numerous ways, including increasing blood flow to your muscles. Some research shows that regular massage may also boost immunity by stimulating the production of white blood cells. Massage helps you relax and improve your mental energy. It may also make you more productive at work.

Work can be anything that you do or spend most of your day doing. "Most people practice the art of self-massage without thinking about it, whether they are rubbing their forehead because of a headache, scrubbing themselves with a loofah sponge in the shower, or rubbing their feet after a long day," says Anna Walsemann, a yoga and Oriental healing instructor at New Age Health Spa in Neversink, New York. "These are all simple and natural self-massage techniques."

Some of the best preventative medicine starts with self-massage. Cancer for example has been reduced as well as completely avoided due to daily or regular breast massage. The incr...


Organizing and Folding

Jan. 22, 2019, noon

Here are a few small tips from Allison's lesson that can make a big difference:


- Walk your house with a garbage bag.  Be ruthless.  Take the bag straight out to the big trash (Emily Ley).

- Walk your house with a donate bag.  Be ruthless.  Take the bag straight out to your car and drop it off next time you're in the car (Emily Ley).

- Clear your bedside table of everything except a clock, a lamp, and two things that make you happy (Emily Ley).

- Declutter by category, not by room.  For example, take all the clothing from all around the house (work on one family member at a time) and put it in a pile.  Handle each item and decide whether to keep, donate, or trash.  Then put it all away.  Same with books, papers, etc. (Marie Kondo)

- Donate anything that hasn't been worn in a year (Marie Kondo).

- Sort items in smaller containers inside drawers, especially kitchen gadgets, ba...


Lesson 1 - Organizing Almost Like Marie Kondo

Jan. 16, 2019, 10:38 a.m.

On Tuesday we will learn how to organize and fold ALMOST like Marie Kondo, but not quite.  We will simplify and show you how to fold just about anything correctly! 

Looking forward to seeing you.


Royal Icing Christina's Way

Nov. 16, 2018, 4:13 p.m.

How to make Royal Icing Christina's way:

Put a 2 pound bag Imperial Confectioners Sugar into the bowl of your mixer.

Make a well (hole in the middle of the sugar) and measure in 6 1/2 Tablespoons Wilton's Meringue Powder.
Measure 1 Tablespoon Clear Vanilla into a measuring cup, Fill to 7 ounces cool water.
Carefully pour on top of Meringue Powder, trying not to cause "dust".
Cover mixer with a damp towel and mix slowly for 1 minute.
Scrape down mixer, cover again and beat on high for 4 minutes.

This icing will store in the refrigerator one to two weeks, however if you need it stiff for edging or accents, beat it again before use. The icing softens over time. It also warms in the tube because of heat from the user's hand.

To thin the icing for filling in, add small amounts of water at a time, mixing slowly enough not to put bubbles into the icing. My best description of the consistency is to compare it to egg ...